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Daves Taxidermy is a high end taxidermy studio in Willard, Utah. His company was in need of some major updates for a brand refresh. I was involved in designing the new website and doing various printed materials including a printed booklet brochure and business cards.

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Daves Taxidermy Web Design
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When considering the nature of the taxidermy business, photography came up as being one of the most important factors that would affect the quality of the brochure. It was important to showcase the photography and the primary focal point in the brochure and add sophisticated typography to compliment the photos.

Daves Taxidermy Brochure Covers
Daves Taxidermy Brochure Design


I have worked with Daves Taxidermy for many years providing studio product photography. My goal as always been to focus each photo on the life of the animals and bring them to life just as much as the taxidermist does.

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