EpicVue Driver Landing Page Web Design

EpicVue Driver Landing Page Design

While working at EKR, EpicVue was a client I would often do various projects for. EpicVue is a company that offers DirectTV services to Trucking Fleets. I loved creating many different concepts for website and greating wall graphics for their corporate offices. The website tvformytruck.com was one of my favorite projects to work on for them and I was very happy with the completed project.

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Wall Graphics

We were asked to create some different wall graphic options for EpicVue’s corporate offices in Salt Lake and these are a few of the options that were created. A few of these were selected and printed for use on their finished office.

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Magazine Ads

The magazine ads were created using styles pulled from the website above. The company wanted a immersive and professional feel to the ads and that is what they were given. They were so happy with the designs, that all the options were chosen for use.

Daves Taxidermy Website Screens

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