Hogle Zoo Map Redesign

Hogle Zoo Map Illustration

The idea behind the Hogle Zoo Map Redesign Project stems from a goal to better enhance the experience guests have at a park or zoo. A general amusement park or zoo map should, at its base, be an easy to use navigation tool to help guests easily get to where they want to go. Areas on the map should be portrayed in a way that a guest can find the easiest routes to where they want to go without needing to guess how to interpret the map.

Hogle Zoo Map Redesign

Map display

Amusement park visitors come to have an experience. Each aspect of the park should add to the experience. By illustrating the map with fun illustrations and showing animals and exhibits with added imagination, the map can greatly add to a guests zoo experience. Adults enjoy the illustrations and ease of getting around the park, and children are given opportunities to use their imagination while looking through the map imagery.

Hogle Zoo Map Redesign

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